• Special Issue: Advancing the Audience Turn in Journalism

    We’re looking for papers for a special issue of Digital Journalism on the theme: Advancing the Audience Turn in Journalism. Go to Colloquium > Special Issue for more information.

  • What is news to you?

    The news informs us about interesting characters, captivating stories, and crucial issues. But is this changing?

  • What was news to you?

    Traditionally, many of us have found out what is going on in the world and our communities through journalism.

  • What will news become?

    In everyday life, we are surrounded by information. Digital technologies mean people experience being both bombarded by information and gaining greater control over it. How does this change journalism, change news, and change ourselves?

Welcome to The New News Consumer: A User-Based Innovation Project to Meet Paradigmatic Change in News Use and Media Habits

The New News Consumer project arises out of a collaborative endeavour by journalism organizations and academics. Our aim is to figure out what the changing media landscape means for people, the way we tell stories, and how we connect to one another. To do this, we start from people’s feelings about journalism and their patterns of news consumption to propose innovative approaches to craft and distribute news more effectively. We generate findings that translate into better service for public news broadcasters and better economic models for commercial news organizations. Quite crucially, this project allows us to understand how people actually use journalism to engage in society.

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